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Profitex is a family business founded in 1998. Our main profile is the manufacturing of ladies and men’s readymade garments. The export incudes a full service: design work, pattern making and grading, cut and make, organization of transport.

The owner and director of the company is Mrs. Katalin Földesi. She has experience in the manufacturing and exporting of readymade garments with several decades of experience in the confectionery industry.


Our goal is to guarantee the high quality.
Profitex team consists numerous highly trained and highly
qualified professionals who, in all circumstances making quality work.


The cooperating partners selected with great care. Profitex-team ltd. mainly exports its products to the Swiss, Dutch and Belgian markets. The partners are mainly corporate fashion companies, well-known manufacturers of confectionery and fashion designers.

The Profitex team has nationwide coverage, almost as a network. There are many factories in Hungary – Profitex is working with - equipped with an appropriate industrial park and mechanization. We work with a wide range of high quality raw material producers. We mainly deal with manufacturing of garments on CM, CMT basis . We also provide customs clearance services.


How we are working?

Our clients prefer to work based on CM and CMT basis
The Proftex team produces the full range of women's, men's and children's
clothing at a high Quality standard.