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Clothing for all ages


The goods we are offering: women's, men's, children's confectionery products, and work wear

Women's Coats, Dresses, Blazers, Trousers, Vests, Skirts, Blouses, T-shirts, Bathrobes

Men's Jackets, Coats, Pants, Vests, Shirts, T-Shirts, Bathrobes

We also deal with the production of work wear and sport jackets (filled with feather, polyfill, vateline).

How we are working?


From an Idea to the readymade garments:
Production process starts from an idea

If you have an idea, we can help you

• to find proper fabric and trims
• make the related pattern (in Opitex and Lectra system)
• make the grading in requested sizes /size ranges
• develop the Prototype
• make sales samples
• make printing or embroidery (in Amman Isacord colours)
• supply accessories (in leather, metal, plastic etc.)



Patterns and grading

Software and Hardware Background:

- Input of the existing paper patterns using a Digi-Pen and foil.
- Modeling, Editing programs: PDS, internal model of the Grade + DMC grading module (DMC = Dynamic Measurement Chart: Dynamic Grading Table - Module for making special sizes)
- Marker making program: Mark, manual and automatic function
- PDS 3-D Creator:  Three dimensional 3D Design software Modelling-Program
- General Import: Export and Import Converters of Styles form other CAD Systems
- Printing of markers: with Algotex XStream and Alys 30 Plotterns

Our plants equipped with modern machinery, capable to cut, make and place the newest fabrics and trimmings. For example waterproof seams..

For production preparation work we are using Optitex and Lectra systems. The construction of patterns and markers made with these systems. The ready markers we are printing with Algotex Xstream  and Alys 30 Plotter using the best quality paper with glue base.

Based on drawing, photo or original sample we can make the base pattern in requested size.

We can also digitalize the existing patterns.

The grading can be made based on measurements, required by the client. The markers we adopt to the actual fabric data. Our programs optimizing the usage of the fabric effectively.

With converter programs, we can adopt any pattern to the requested system. The ready markers are sent to the factories, so next day their have it in their hands.

We are very good in making high quality goods in regular or special/individual sizes.

With the modern machinery we are producing heavy and light confection garments. Our factories equipment is suitable for the production of special work wear goods meeting the regulations of the fire brigade or the military clothing.

We also have highest quality embroidery and printing capacity, and we design care labels.




• The Proftex team looks back over 20 years. In the past decades, the world's largest designers have produced small and large series of confectionery products with us. Our returning partners have ensured that we are on the right track and provide high quality service.

• World brands and local brands have become partners of the Profitex team for over a quarter of a century. Through our relationship capital, we act as a bridge between producers of quality products and designers. Our references include five-star hotels, restaurants, airlines, banks in Western Europe, but customers can also find products, made by Profitex –team in the boutiques and shops in Europian major cities.


• For Proftex-team the quality and warranty is very important, so highly educated technicians checking the fulfillment of quality standards during the production and related ready garments.

• Our co-operating partners have excellent know-how with modern machinery, and all factories are specialized in production of certain products.


Shipping & customs clearance service

We have long time experience with best shipping companies. We can organize export/import transportation within and also outside of European Union. Even mainly we are transporting goods in cartons, transportation of hanging garments also possible.
We also have a well experienced customs broker service to make the receiving and sending of shipments easy and fast.