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• The Proftex team looks back over 20 years. In the past decades, the world's largest designers have produced small and large series of confectionery products with us. Our returning partners have ensured that we are on the right track and provide high quality service.

• World brands and local brands have become partners of the Profitex team for over a quarter of a century. Through our relationship capital, we act as a bridge between producers of quality products and designers. Our references include five-star hotels, restaurants, airlines, banks in Western Europe, but customers can also find products, made by Profitex –team in the boutiques and shops in Europian major cities.


• For Proftex-team the quality and warranty is very important, so highly educated technicians checking the fulfillment of quality standards during the production and related ready garments.

• Our co-operating partners have excellent know-how with modern machinery, and all factories are specialized in production of certain products.